Thursday, January 31, 2008


We regret to inform you that due to unforeseen circumstances this production has been postponed to September 2008.

Meanwhile, please enjoy the pleasant silence. Or go to my blog for even more silence. Or come and see my play Sybil at BSC in um... July, I think. There are some actors in it and they speak quite a bit.

Or stalk one of the other people here. Jia-Wei is in need of a good stalking. Michael also. Take your pick.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Keeping it in the family. Still

Welcome to the production blog of the restaging of The Homecoming by Harold Pinter. Those of you who saw the first production will note that the dates of the new show concincide almost exactly with the original. This might be important, or it might not.

The usual suspects (pictures by U-En and Jia-Wei):

THOR KAH HOONG as 'Max' (the father). Born in 1862, Thor has borne witness to several world-changing events such as the Industrial Revolution, World War I, and the invention of sliced bread. For no money at all, he will be happy to tell you all about it.

Thor was last seen on stage in Tarap Man, produced at the Central Market Annex in late 2007. Thor was also recently seen in PJ Old Town where he sells books.

PATRICK TEOH as 'Sam' (the uncle). Last seen in Wrecks at KLPAC, Patrick divides his time between acting for TV (for money, he says) and annoying his friends.

Patrick is also a famous blogger, former DJ and radio host, and restaurateur who breeds prawns that attack U-En Ng.

BEN TAN as 'Teddy' (the professor). Last seen in Okiku (the KLPAC production Tell-Tale Heart doesn't count), Ben has been devoting much time to independent film and television projects. His commercial films since the first Homecoming production include Sumolah and 1957 Hati Malaya.

U-EN NG as 'Lenny' (the pimp). Me! Last seen in Patrick's restaurant being attacked by a prawn.

LOO JIA-WEI as 'Ruth' (the woman). Last seen buying a lot of shoes. Jia-Wei is also production designer of both the original and forthcoming Homecoming productions. Her more recent work include Wrecks and 4:48 Psychosis.

MICHAEL CHEN as 'Joey' (the boxer). Last seen on stage in Frankenstein in Love (ages ago) Michael replaces Ian Cheang as the youngest brother. What Michael really does for a living is a mystery to all of us but it has something to do with film production. For those of you who are interested, Ian is still a gym instructor and works at The Gym.

GAVIN YAP the director. Gavin is quite ugly, and yet he was last seen in various parts of KL being pursued by hordes of rather young women. Girls, some might call them. Yes.

Gavin is responsible for all of us having theatre jobs.

LINA HASBULLAH, stage manager. Lina is also theatre supervisor, The Actors Studio at Bangsar Shopping Centre, and was stage manager of the original production. Why she is doing this again is everyone's guess, seeing as everyone didn't like the biscuits she bought the first time.

LIM ANG SWEE, lighting designer.
Last seen asleep. Lim resembles the fish pictured at left.